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Ionix Static Eliminators for product cleanup and finishing

Ionix Static Eliminators for easy cleanup and finishing!
Perfect finishes are the direct result of superior surface preparation BEFORE coating by blowing off surface with an Ionix Static Eliminator! This eliminates any static holding dust to the surface.

How static electricity slows down cleanup and causes defects in finishes
Static on the surface (which can be caused by many factors too numerous to list here) attracts and holds dust which, when coated, causes a pit or blemish defect.

Blowing compressed air over the surface DOES NOT dissipate the surface static. If fact, the high air velocities of compressed air blowing on a surface can actually make static worse since the friction of the rapidly flowing air over the surface creates surface static. All the compressed air does during blow off is physically push the static charged dust into the air only to be re-attracted to the surface later.

By using an Ionix Static Eliminator during blow off, you actually dissipate any static present nor the surface and on the dust particles prior to coating so neither the surface or the dust are electrically charged and, therefore, attracted to each other.

Tacking isn't sufficient to prep surfaces for perfect finishes
Ionix is superior to tacking because tack cloths only pick up loose dust on the surface. The REAL problem is static on the surface to be coated CAUSES dust to be attracted to the surface. Unless you eliminate that surface static, the dust will return after tacking and you will have reworks.

Tacking creates static
Tack cloths have a slight adhesive that causes the dust to stick to the cloth. However, adhesives pulled from or across a surface cause static. You can prove it at your desk. A roll of scotch tape is like a tack cloth. It has an adhesive backing. Quickly pull the tape out of the dispenser and then place your forearm close to the gap where the tape separates from the roll. You can feel the static charge at that gap through the hairs on your forearm if you put them close to the gap. The adhesive pulling from the roll, like a tack cloth across a surface, creates static. So even after you tack, the static created during tacking will attract more dust which appears as fisheyes or blemishes in your paint jobs. Ionix actually eliminates surface static which attracts and holds dust to the surface.

Plus tacking is expensive to do because it uses so much labor time plus the cost of tack cloths. Tack cloths retail for about $1 each. If you go through one every 2 days it's cheaper to use Ionix! And that doesn't even account for the savings in labor dollars it takes to tack surfaces.

Using Ionix you simply blow the part off. In the process of blowing off the part, surface static is dissipated!

Simple to install

You do not have to use a special hose or air gun to use Ionix. Ionix Static Eliminators can be installed ANYWHERE in the blow off air line.

Ionix installs on any 3/8" ID air hose.

Simple to use

It's so simple to use that anyone can intuitively understand how to use it. Just blow off as you normally do with Ionix in the air hose and Ionix will do the rest of the work!

Which model should I order?

Our heavy duty model - Ionix Model HPPL300-2 for shops primarily using high pressure air lines for surface prep.

Ionix Static Eliminator Model HPPL300 for blow off hoses up to 150 PSI
Ionix Static Eliminator HPPL 300 for installation in blow off air line up to 150 psi. Over 50 psi to 150 psi air hoses
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Ionix Static Eliminator Model HPPL 300 Kit
Ionix Model HPPL 300-2 Kit with the optional 25' hose and air gun kit.
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30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Use Ionix for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied with your Ionix Static Eliminator, you can return it IN ANY CONDITION for a full and complete refund. Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation. Replacement is recommended after one year of actual use.


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Ionix Static Eliminators are made in the USA with 100% USA made components.

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