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Static Eliminator for colorant variation and resin bridging static

Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator for eliminating static in plastic resin preventing resin bridging and eliminating static in colorant thus preventing colorant separation and color variation.

How static effects resin flow in throats, color consistency and color change times.
The static in your resin transport system causes the resin in the throat (and other areas) to bridge. Dissipating the static on resin will allow free flow of resin preventing bridging.

Static in your resin transport system causes static on colorant to accumulate. The colorant sticks together not uniformly mixing with the resin and causes color variation in the product.

Static in the colorant will slow color changes as colorant sticks to interior surfaces slowing cleanup.

By introducing Ionix Static Eliminator air in your magnet drawer, you dissipate all the static present the in resin transport systems which causes these problems.

How to install the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator
The Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator is installed through the plastic face of the magnet drawer. The fitting is placed in a 3/8" hole drilled through the drawer face. This air fitting introduces Ionix treated air into the throat area of your process through the magnet drawer resin flow. The Ionix treated air will percolate up to the feeder hopper eliminating any static on the plastic material in the hopper. Ionix air will also eliminate static in the throat transition area and also into the molding machine.

Ioniix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator

The Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator operates using house air and an Ionix Static Eliminator. House air is brought to the machine, a air regulator is installed (supplied by Ionix) and the regulated air line continues to an Ionix Static Eliminator cartridge. An air line continues from the Ionix Static Eliminator Cartridge to the installed Magnet Drawer fitting.

Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator Air Diffuser

The Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator can be installed anywhere you are having a static problem. You can install it in the side wall of drying or mixing hoppers to prevent colorant separation due to static.

Click for Ionix Magnet Drawer Installation and Instructions (pdf)

How to operate the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator
Once the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator is installed, you adjust the air flow into the machine until there is a constant low flow of air. All you want to do is have a low volume of Ionix treated air flowing into the hopper.

If possible, keep a lid on the feeder hopper to trap the Ionix air in the hopper. The lid does not need to fit air tight. All you want to accomplish is to trap the Ionix treated air in your hopper and machine and keep out the ambient untreated air. This will allow the Ionix treated air to percolate through your resin transport system and dissipate static.

You might have to adjust air flow depending upon the resin you process. Certain resins will have higher static charges than others (i.e. regrind material) so you might find it necessary to increase air flow of the Ionix treated air to deliver enough to dissipate the static encountered in the resin. However, the better you trap Ionix air in your hopper feeding system the more effective Ionix is in dissipating static.

Maintenance of the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator
The only maintenance necessary is periodic replacement of the Ionix Static Eliminator Cartridge. As air passed through the unit, its static elimination properties are diminished. Since usage widely varies among users, it is difficult to exact predict replacement schedules. Our experience is they should be replaced once a year. However, if you run 24 hours a day 7 days a week you might have to change out cartridges sooner.

How to order the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static  Eliminator Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator kit
The Magnet Drawer kit comes with everything you need to install the Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator in the face of a PLASTIC Magnet Drawer. (Please contact us if you have a metal mag drawer face). Order one kit per magnet drawer.

The kit includes the air diffuser fitting, 25' of 3/8" air hose, regulator, one Ionix PL300-2 Static Eliminator, 3 hose clamps and a set of blade drills to cut the beveled hole in the face of a plastic magnet drawer. If you do not need all the parts in the kit, you can buy all the parts in the kit as needed separately.

Ionix Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator Kit
To order a Mag Drawer Static Eliminator Kit from our secure on line store click HERE. You can also call us at 800-246-1784 and order by phone.

30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Use Ionix for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied with your Ionix Static Eliminator, you can return it IN ANY CONDITION for a full and complete refund. Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation. Replacement of the Ionix Static Eliminator is recommended after one year of actual use.


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