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Ionix Static Eliminator Magnet Drawer Kit for static free resin conveying and vacuum eduction

Occasional static in your resin conveying system can cause production slowdowns and expensive product rejection. Static will cause resin to bridge and colorant to separate from resin. Now you can introduce static elimination in your systems in only the areas you are experiencing static. This is a simple and low cost solution to resin conveying static.

What causes the static? 

Plastic resin, colorant and the conveying pipe are all electrical insulators. When the friction of conveying creates static on the resin surface or conveying pipe surface, it cannot conduct away. This static can randomly appear and although the static is primarily caused by the friction of the moving static, it is often made worse by other factors such as humidity, temperature, resin composition, speed of conveying, etc.

Why Ionix is a simple solution to the problem

Ionix works by making the air electrically conductive. By introducing Ionix treated air into your conveying system at the point you are experiencing static, that Ionix air automatically provides electrical grounding paths to dissipate the charge downstream of introduction.

Simple to install

The real beauty of Ionix for processors experiencing conveying system is how simple and easy it is to install. Just install the our air diffuser into the conveying line at the point just upstream from where you need to eliminate static. Bring your house air to the tap and install an Ionix PL300 into the air line. Install an inline regulator and allow about 10 psi of pressure to run through Ionix and into you system. There is no electrical wiring or shock hazards.

For vacuum eductors, install Ionix in the pressure air line supplying the eductor.

Order the Magnet Drawer Static Elimintor

Use one Magnet Drawer Static Eliminator kit for each location you need to tap into your conveying system. Instead of positioning the kits air diffuser in the mag draweer, you install the air diffuser upstrem of the area you want to dissipate static.

Ionix Static Eliminator Magnet Drawer Kit
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30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Use Ionix for 30 days. If your not completely satisfied with your Ionix Static Eliminator, you can return it IN ANY CONDITION for a full and complete refund. Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation. Replacement is recommended after one year of actual use.


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