Ionix Static Eliminators for plastic blowff
We eliminate static differently

Ionix Static Eliminator for plastic, foam and composite blow off air lines speed up and improve cleanup!

Typical uses of Ionix Static Eliminators in plastics, fiberglass and composite industries

Thermoforming, rotational molding, blow molding, foam fabricators and plastics fabricating - Ionix installed in the blow off air line for cleanup make it fast and east. Install one Ionix in each air hose.
Mold release
- Ionix installed in the mold release air lines to eject small or light parts. Use the HPPL300-2 for the high pressures. Call for sizing.
Resin and colorant feeding and mixing - Ionix installed in aerator/mixer/blender air lines eliminates uneven accumulation and mixing of colorant and resins in hoppers and the feeding processes.
Rotational molding - Blowing out the inside of mold prior to introduction of resin and colorants with Ionix prevents static which causes uneven distribution of colorant and in turn color swirl. Ionix used in blowing out complete products dislodges static plastic particles inside finished product which normal blowoff won't dislodge.
Fiberglass and composites de-molding - Ionix installed in the mold air lines eliminates the static created during the de-molding process. Ionix prevents ignition of hazardous release agents.
Plastic fabricators
- Ionix installed in the blow off air line eliminates static on plastic surface prior to painting.

The benefits of using an Ionix Static Eliminators in your plastic cleanup:

  Highly effective - increases the effectiveness of ANY compressed air line by eliminating the static that holds dust to the surface.
  Safe to use - No nuclear material, high voltages, or UV radiation to worry about. Safe to use in Class 1 Division 1, Groups C & D Explosion Proof environments.
  Easy to install at any location - Just insert in any air hose and installation is complete.
  Versatile - Ionix is used in hand blowoff as well as in automated blowoff lines.

How Ionix Static Eliminators solve your plastic clean up problems

Plastic materials are superior electrical insulators. Therefore they tend to easily hold any static electricity charges that accumulate on their surfaces. You can't practically prevent static from occurring. All you can do is eliminate those charges at the production points they cause you a problem.

Simply trying to blow static dust and debris from plastic without a static eliminator in reality makes your problem worse. Here's why. There is already static on the plastic surface and the debris which is causing them to be electrically attracted to one another. Compressed air is an electrical insulator. So in blowing high volumes of compressed air over your plastic surfaces, you are rubbing them with another electrical insulator creating even more static. The only reason the debris moves off the surface is you've applied air that has a greater force than the static attraction. That dust you've forced off with just find another surface to stick to. In reality you've made your static dust issue worse.

To solve your plastic clean up problem you need to install a static eliminator in your blow off air hose. When the air contacts the plastic part and dust, it dissipates the static charges holding the debris to the plastic. Not only does the dust release with less force, it and the plastic surface have their static charges dissipated and they won't attract other debris. An Ionix Static Eliminator installed on your blow off air line dissipates any surface or static dust on contact.

How to maintain the Ionix Static Suppression system

Ionix Static Eliminators wear out over time with the passage of air through them. Generally they need to be replaced once a year. You remove the old Ionix and replace it with a new unit. There is no electrical or other connections other than installing Ionix in the air hose line.

Which model should I order?

The Ionix model you need depends on the pressure you blow off the surface.

If you are blowing off the surface at less than 50 psi, order our PL300-2.

Ionix PL300 Static Eliminator for plastics and composites 
For air hoses up to 50 psi.

If you are blowing off the surface at more than 50 psi and less than 150 psi, order our HPPL300-2.

Ionix High Pressure Static Eliminator for plastics and composite cleanup For air hoses over 50 psi and under 150 psi.


Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction.

Ionix is sold with an unconditional 30 day guarantee. You can return your Ionix within 30 days for any reason. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation.

How to get started

Call Ionix at 800-246-1784 and we'll be glad to review your particular problem and determine if an Ionix Static Eliminator will solve your static issue. You can also order a PL300-2 or HPPL300-2 at our on line store

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