We eliminate static differently... since 1994

Ionix Static Eliminators in your ESD electronic assembly blowoff line for extra ESD safety!

The benefits of using an Ionix Static Eliminators in your PCB electronic assembly cleanoff air line:

  Highly effective - increases the effectiveness of ANY compressed air line by eliminating the static that holds dust to the surface.
  Safe to use - No nuclear material, high voltages, or UV radiation to worry about.
Easy to install at any location - Just insert in any air hose and installation is complete.
  Versatile - Ionix is used in hand blowoff as well as in automated blowoff lines.

How we solve your ESD PCB clean up problems

Air is usually an electrical insulator. When you blow compressed air over a surface, the friction of the air creates an electrostatic charge on that surface which can potentially damage your sensitive components in spite of all your ESD precautions.

By installing an Ionix Static Eliminators in each blow off line, Ionix makes the passing air electrically conductive so the passing clean off air does not generate a static charge in the surface being cleaned off.

How to maintain the Ionix Static Suppression system

Ionix Static Eliminators wear out over time with the passage of air through them. Generally they need to be replaced once a year. You remove the old Ionix and replace it with a new unit. There is no electrical or other connections other than installing Ionix in the air hose line.

Which model should I order?

The Ionix model you need depends on the pressure you blow off the surface.

If you are blowing off the surface at less than 50 psi, order our PL300-2.

Ionix Static Eliminator for PCB ESD cleanoff 
For air hoses up to 50 psi.

If you are blowing off the surface at more than 50 psi and less than 150 psi, order our HPPL300-2.

Ionix Static Eiminator for PCB ESD Cleanoff For air hoses over 50 psi and under 150 psi.


Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction.

Ionix is sold with an unconditional 30 day guarantee. You can return your Ionix within 30 days for any reason. Test our unit in your application for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason return it for a full refund. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation.

How to get started

Call Ionix at 800-246-1784 and we'll be glad to review your particular problem and determine if an Ionix Static Eliminator will solve your static issue. You can also order a PL300-2 or HPPL300-2 at our on line store www.TheIonixStore.com.

Ionix Static Eliminators are not certified for clean room environments,

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