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Ionix Static Eliminators  -  Simple - Cost Effective - Easy to install yourself in under 30 minutes - Next day delivery - No high voltages - No nuclear materials

How to determine the solution for your static problem

Most static problems are confined to particular industries and processes within that industry. Therefore, our products are manufactured to particular industries static problems.

Click on the industry appropriate to you for information on Ionix models tailored for your industry's particular static problem. If you don't see your industry listed, call us at 800-246-1784 and we'll determine if an Ionix Static Eliminator can be adapted to eliminate your particular static problem.

Fast delivery and installation

We manufacture in house all Ionix in house and can generally ship to you next day air if necessary.

You can install our units yourself in under 30 minutes and get your production running again. If you can cut a hose, you can install an Ionix Static Eliminator.

For industry specific information click on the following links:

Printing industries
Printing - Ionix Static Eliminators for feeders of printing presses, die cutters, laminators, screen presses, sheeters.
Bindery - Ionix Static Eliminators
for feeders of folders, collators, binders, laminators.

Plastic processors
Plastic blow-off - Ionix Static Eliminators speed up plastics cleanup of dust and debris during blow off at injection, foam, blow and rotational molders and plastic / fiberglass / composite product fabricators.
Colorant variation and resin bridging static -
Ionix Mag Drawer Static Eliminator eliminates static in feeder hopper and throat in any resin transport process to prevent color variation due to static on the colorant and prevent resin bridging due to static..
Resin transport
- Ionix Mag Drawer Static Eliminator can also be installed in conveying lines, blending and storage bins to eliminate static.

Wood finishing
Wood painting and finishing - Ionix Static Eliminators neutralize surface static that cause finish blemishes at custom woodworking, architectural woodworking, cabinetmakers, furniture makers and wood products finishers.

Auto/Truck/Motorcycle/RV painting
Auto/Truck/Motorcycle/RV painting - Ionix Static Eliminators dissipate surface static that cause fisheyes in painting at auto body painters, custom auto, truck or motorcycle painting.

Product finishing and cleanup
Product finishing and cleanup
- Ionix Static Eliminator installed in your blow-off air line will speed up cleanup by reducing surface static caused by blow off air resulting in cleaner surfaces.

Packaging systems
Packaging systems air handling
- Ionix Static Eliminators can be easily be installed in your existing compressed air system at specific locations to eliminate static in processes such as packaging, material separation, bag opening, ink jetting, conveying and handling.

Electronic assembly clean off
ESD blow-off cleaning lines
- Ionix Static Eliminators installed in blow off air lines prevent the static generated by blow-off cleaning air lines in electronics assembly.

Free No Obligation phone consultation

We're always happy to discuss your particular static problem at no charge or obligation. We LIKE to try to solve static problems so we don't consider your call a obligation or intrusion. Call 800-246-1784 anytime. Your call may go to voicemail after hours but we're notified of after hours call and will call you back after hours if you want. Just let us know when you want a return call. You can also email us 24/7 at and we'll get back to you generally within a few hours - 24/7.

Determining the proper Ionix model for your static problem

For initial determination of the proper Ionix for your needs, we strongly suggest you call us with your static problem rather than attempting to select the proper Ionix unit yourself. The hardest part of solving static issues is carefully defining exactly where the static is causing a production problem. Our experience is that static is often not where it appears to be. We will review your problem over the phone at no obligation to confirm the source of the static problem and confirm Ionix can eliminate your static problem. Once that is determined, we can suggest the correct Ionix. If we do not believe an Ionix can solve your static problem, we'll direct you to the supplier of a viable solution.

If we recommend an Ionix and it doesn't eliminate your static problem to your satisfaction, you can return your Ionix to us within 30 days for a full refund.


We have been making Ionix Static Eliminators since 1994 - they are proven to work. Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction.  Ionix Static Eliminators are installed in printing plants, auto body repair shops, wood products manufacturers, plastic thermoformers, extruders, molders, packaging and in product finishing lines throughout the world. We have sold tens of thousands of Ionix throughout the world.

Ionix is sold with an unconditional 30 day guarantee. You can return your Ionix within 30 days for any reason. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation. Replacement is recommended after one year of actual use.

How to order

Call Ionix at 800-246-1784 to order using a credit card or go to our secure Yahoo store:

How Ionix Static Eliminators work to eliminate static

Ionix Static Eliminators are installed in a compressed air line blowing onto the surface or into spaces you are trying to eliminate the static. This can be a hand held air line, an automated blow off air line or air separating mechanical feeding system. This new technology allows compressed air to act as an electrical conductor after being forced through the Ionix unit. Ionix eliminates static charges on surfaces by providing a non destructive dissipative path through the treated air to the attracting opposing electrical charge or electrical ground.

Therefore, as a dissipative process, Ionix units can automatically and reliably eliminate either positive or negative charges. Since the process is dissipative, metal in proximity to the Ionix has no detrimental effect on its performance. Ionix is especially effective in applications where traditional ionization is not effective. Ionix is non-nuclear and environmentally harmless.

Ionix Static Eliminators are safe to use in hazardous environments

It can safely be used in hazardous environments or where flammable coatings or materials are present since it does not employ any electrical charges or high voltages to operate.

Ionix Static Eliminators are easy to install - you can install them yourself

Since it can be installed in any air line regardless of the presence of metal or distance from the Ionix to the air nozzle, Ionix Static Eliminators can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications with little or no modification to your existing equipment. In a majority of installations, the only installation required is inserting the Ionix in an air hose.

Why Ionix Static Eliminators are superior to electronic ionizers and nuclear ionizers

Many customers have switched from more expensive high voltage ionizers to Ionix Static Eliminators. First, customers who have used ionizers find they have to replace ionizers more often than replacing Ionix. Second, Ionix has a much less installation cost. There is no wiring. Just cut the hose ends and push hoses over Ionix Static Eliminator end fittings. Installation is complete. Third, there is no shock hazard with Ionix Static Eliminators since our product does not require electricity to operate. Fourth, previous electronic ionizer customers find Ionix units are less costly to replace than ionizer bars. Finally, you do not have to isolate Ionix from any metal in its path like you must for ionizers.

We have had several customers replace their nuclear ionizer with Ionix and have saved a substantial amount of money with no diminished performance.

Before you replace your ionizer bar or nuclear ionizer, consider a no obligation test of an Ionix Static Eliminator in their place.

Ionix Static Eliminators are made in the USA with 100% USA made components.

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